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Insomnia: Sleep, you’re missing!

Restlessly, I roll from side to side in bed. My mind goes carousel. I’m tired and excited at the same time and I really have to sleep now, because tomorrow is an important day and I absolutely have to be fit. But the more I try to sleep calmly, the more awake I lie there and know for sure: Tomorrow I will be all sorts of things, but not fit.

This is exactly how it is for many women over 40 every day. In the long run, sleep disorders not only have a negative impact on your own health and fitness, but also on your job and your relationship. It’s maddening!

Women over 40 sleep worse


Insomnia is only romantic if it appears in Hollywood films like “Insomnia in Seattle”. After all, you can watch the film thematically appropriate if you lie awake in bed from three o’clock at night.

In any case, you only notice how important sleep is when it is gone for a while. When, like me, you toss and turn restlessly in bed because you’re dog-tired but just can’t sleep. Or when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Or if the next day there is only fog in your tired head and you forget what you wanted to get back in the basement, or where the car keys are. Brain Fog – Brain Fog is very aptly called in English.

But I don’t want that, these sleep problems , and it does not comfort me that around eight million Germans are said to have problems falling and staying asleep.

Me! Want! Mean! Sleep!

The fact that other women aged 40 and over also feel the same way, and not just that I sleep badly at night, doesn’t really calm me down. My survey on #MenoWittwoch on Instagram and Facebook shows: A lot of women suffer from bad sleep and cannot find a way out.

So what can we do?

Beautiful Dreamer – themed month sleep on Life40up!

I am affected myself and finally want to sleep well again. I finally want to get to the bottom of the subject of sleep. Holistic. And one thing can be revealed: There are many small building blocks for a healthy sleep, because everyone sleeps differently. And it is precisely for this reason that Life40up will illuminate the topic of sleep from a wide variety of perspectives over the next few weeks. Solution-oriented! We start with the following topic:

1. Whoever sleeps wins!

The secret of optimal sleep: How much sleep is too little sleep? Why we need a good night’s sleep – and how much.

Small spoiler: four hours of sleep are not enough!

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Help us: Together against insomnia

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