This is what happens to your fitness if you follow these 10 tips

If you let the topic of fitness from 40 into your life, your view opens up to completely new ones Subjects. On the Internet you suddenly notice completely different websites and you suddenly bookmark yourself articles about training plans, healthy eating, fitness equipment, sportswear or gadgets for more fitness and even magazines!

Tip No. 1

If you want to lose weight, you should eat this breakfast

Dr. med. Anne Fleck is blonde, slim, pretty, and a doctor too. Your breakfast recommendation should not only make you slim, but also help against migraines ! My grandma already used the ingredients in the kitchen, so nothing too exotic. Anne Fleck also speaks out against “food terrorism”, which I think is good. The term is now part of my vocabulary. The recipe and interview are available here.

Tip No. 2

This 60-second exercise works like a 45-minute workout

Then there is the 60-second fitness exercise that works like a 45-minute workout. Allegedly. I tend to be lazy, and with a headline like that, you get me straight away. Yes, that might be a bit simple, but hey: just one fitness exercise!

And it is scientifically proven, namely by the researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. They found that just 60 seconds of vigorous exercise a day is just as good for fitness as 45 minutes of light exercise. Heavy physical exertion. I knew there was a catch …

Tip No. 3

5 Ways To Burn More Fat Than Jogging

For me as a passionate non-jogger, of course, grist on my mill. Maybe I’ll try the Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I can already hear myself say casually: “Honey, do the laundry, I’ll do my Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout .” Sounds much hotter than if I were to say: “Honey, I still have to jump rope.” It’s all a question of packaging …

Tip No. 4

The yoga special from the fashion whisperer

On the Ü40 blog by Stephanie aka Modeflüsterin there is now a multi-part yoga special with yoga teacher Heike Schillinger. Part 1: A good posture, more serenity and joy through gentle back bends. Good posture stretches the entire figure and makes us look a few pounds lighter. Very nice exercises in front of a great mountain backdrop – I’ll be there!

Tip no. 5

6 reasons why you don’t lose weight despite your best efforts

I had already complained to you that I had only lost a measly three kilos so far. Now i know why. For me, numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5 are right now. Ohoh! Here is the article. A little more detailed in English: 20 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight.

Tip No. 6

Create a collection

On my Pinterest page there is now a health pin board 40up! Recipes, home remedies, naturopathy. There you will find the most interesting articles and recipes on the subject of health & fitness, all in one place. The collection is constantly being expanded.

Tip no. 7

Cool Fitness Gadgets 2016

What are fitness gadgets again? These are all the beautiful, playful little technical helpers that are supposed to help us get fitter. These include, for example, step counters, fitness bracelets, fitness apps, sports headsets, Walkman players and so on. And now if you want to know what an action wrap is, take a look here.

Tip no. 8

Free workout sheets from Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is a VIP trainer for Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, among others. Since I find the ladies’ figures quite handsome, the workout developed by Tracy can’t be so wrong. All exercises on the workout sheets are based on training with your own body weight, so you can do it anywhere without expensive aids.

Tip no. 9

Over 40 fat burn workout on the cross trainer

That comes at the right time! As an over 40 fitness blogger, I prefer to do my cardio training on my home cross trainer. I usually train for 15 to 30 minutes a day if possible, but I will make the training even more targeted in the next few weeks: The sporting goods manufacturer Hammer now has a free 4-week workout plan for download.

Tip no. 10

Fitness reading tip

The special issue Wellfit from the magazine freundin has been available since March. I found it quite entertaining. A handy format, pleasant, friendly layout and content that is finally not addressed to semi-professional fitness freaks, but to women who want to get fitter and want to be entertained.

So, what happens to your fitness if you follow these 10 tips? If you only follow one of these tips, that’s a start. And as is well known, nothing is more difficult than taking the first step and starting with something new. When you’ve read these 10 tips, you’ve taken the first step. Voilà! You don’t have to become a 40+ fitness blogger like me 😉