A scale is a scale. Or maybe not? Withings Body Cardio put to the test

I come from a generation that Lassie and Flipper still loved on black and white television – without any remote control or streaming. There was music from the radio, from the record player or from the cassette. Computers and smartphones were not even remotely thought of, and Captain Kirk and the entire crew of the Enterprise made us marvel at the possibilities of a distant future.

And today? Today the future is here and I am the happy owner of the Withings Body Cardio scale! *

Withings Body Cardio scale measures body and heart health!

In the past you stood on the mechanical bathroom scales (without battery!), the pointer struck from the direction “Oh my God, I can’t have gained that much” and that was it.

Today I have the Withings Body Cardio scale in the bathroom and use it to determine a lot more than just my weight, because the Body Cardio goes beyond simple weight measurement and gives an overview of my health and mine Fitness!

The Withings Body Cardio greets me in the morning with the local weather forecast, measures my body fat percentage, BMI and my heart rate. If the weight display alone is not enough for me, it also shows me my weight development curve. O.k., I can’t beam with it like on spaceship Enterprise, but I don’t want to be complacent here, because the Body Cardio is the most advanced scale worldwide!


This is what the Body Cardio bathroom scales can do:

  • Measure weight
    4 sensors and patented Position Control ™ technology ensure extremely precise and accurate measurements to within 100 grams
  • Measure body fat percentage
  • Measure muscle mass
  • Measure total body water (water retention and hydration)
  • Measure bone mass (and dispel the myth of “heavy bones”)
  • Heart rate measurement while standing
  • Pulse wave speed
    The measured values ​​of a person’s pulse wave speed are influenced by their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. These influencing factors have significant effects on the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • Auto-synchronization via WiFi or Bluetooth
    The data of every weighing is sent to the Health Mate app in seconds. Compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3.3
  • Use one year, charge one night
    Body Cardio runs for up to 12 months before it has to be recharged via micro USB cable (included)

The body cardio and the kick in the butt


“Nice”, you might say now. But the functions of the Body Cardio are more than nice, because they do something for me that no simple scale or fitness tracker had done before: They kick my buttocks, and that’s how it happened:

First I downloaded the Health Mate app onto my smartphone. Each weighing appears automatically in the Health Mate app, via WiFi or Bluetooth synchronization (compatible with iOS 8+ & Android 4.3.4+). With the help of the Health Mate app I can keep an eye on my weight history and the development of my overall physical condition.

So I quickly threw all my clothes off and stood on the body cardio scale. The first moment of shock: I weigh more on the Body Cardio than on my old scale. Lord! The local weather forecast was correct, and so were my values ​​for body fat and body water percentage as well as heart rate flashed happily at me. At that moment, however, I wasn’t worried because I didn’t know how high the normal values ​​ are in these ranges.

The weight is just a number. But health is everything! (Withings)

When I compared my values ​​for body fat and water percentage with the normal values ​​in the Health Mate app, I felt a little queasy. A healthy fat percentage for women is between 14% and 30% , for men between 6% and 25%. My fat percentage is above this value. As much as I would have guessed. And there it is, the good resolution for the New Year : In 2017 I will not only work on my total weight until I have reached my comfortable weight, but also on my body fat percentage. Because there is one thing I don’t want to risk: diabetes, high blood pressure or even a stroke from too much belly fat. Never ever! Do you actually know your body fat percentage? I just say: Body Cardio!

Thanks to Body Cardio for the long overdue kick in the buttocks. I will finally get back to serious about weight loss and fitness from 40.

And speaking of realizations: I thought I had my fluid balance relatively well under control by now. The app tells me something else! Also my values ​​for the total body water are not as intoxicating as I thought. A normal body water percentage is around 50% – mine is below this value. So I still drink too little and have to increase my drinking quota so that I can maintain my concentration, performance and general well-being. Many thanks to them for this knowledge Body Cardio Scale .

Measurement of the pulse wave speed – an important indicator for heart health



After two readings from the Body Cardio had already triggered an aha effect on my health, I was very excited about the measurement of the pulse wave speed.

The pulse wave speed is the speed at which the pressure wave passes through the arteries of an organism. A high pulse wave speed indicates hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. The analysis of PWG was previously only possible in clinical settings and was reserved for people with high blood pressure or chronic diseases. With the Body Cardio it is now possible for the first time to carry out this measurement at home.

Pulse wave velocity is usually measured with a blood pressure monitor and applanation tonometry between the carotid artery and the femoral artery. You may wait months for such an appointment at the doctor’s. Withings Body Cardio measures the pulse wave speed at home, very easily while weighing. Each weigh-in provides a measured value for the pulse wave speed and an evaluation within the Health Mate app. The app takes age into account and provides information on whether the value is optimal or not, and gives tips on how to improve it.

What can I say: relief with the pulse wave speed! My measured values ​​are in the normal range and that gives me additional motivation to get back into the green area with my other measured values.

Pulse wave speed reveals heart health

The measured values ​​of a person’s pulse wave speed are influenced by their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise. These influencing factors have significant effects on the health of the cardiovascular system. For this reason, the pulse wave speed is the only independent measurement method for holistic mapping of your cardiovascular health and possible risk factors that contribute to the development of high blood pressure.

My conclusion: Withings Body Cardio – smart and beautiful!


If you can do so much, you don’t look good too, right? Yes, the Body Cardio can do that too! It is made of heat-treated tempered glass, is only 1.78 cm thin and works equally well on any surface, whether on a hard floor or a thick carpet. The design is stylish and elegant at the same time. We have the scales in black (they are also available in white), and since then my spouse has been on the scales before me in the morning.

Incidentally, the Body Cardio is one of the gadgets that men also really like. So if you have a fitness, technology, weight loss or health enthusiast in the house, then you will make him or her very happy with the Body Cardio ! It is my clear gift recommendation for Christmas – not cheap, but good things come at a price, and my health is worth it to me!

* Body Cardio is not a medical device. This device is not intended to diagnose any disease; not even for the cure, relief, treatment or prevention of diseases. Do not only use the device for self-diagnosis and always speak to a doctor first before starting therapy.

You read an article in the series which enables me to run this beautiful blog. Withings made the products available to me for the product test. It does not influence my opinion, I always form it freely and without influencing the content of the cooperation partner.

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