What for the heart – FINNLO by HAMMER crosstrainer Tivon put to the test

I never tire of stressing it: running is taboo for me – for reasons. But endurance or cardio training is a must, because my condition is not that far away. Looking for alternatives to running at home, I did some research and decided: I need an indoor training device ! But which one?

What for the heart – FINNLO by HAMMER crosstrainer Tivon put to the test – endurance training from 40 at home

HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT There are many, but which one is right for me?

The TREADMILL is ruled out for me, because as you already know: I hate running! In the great outdoors, it frustrates me, and a treadmill is too boring for me because I miss the whole body aspect. So checked off.

INDOOR CYCLE / SPEEDBIKES are currently a big hit in every fitness studio. You can really work off with a racing bike feeling to loud music. The ergometer is the more traditional version, and in terms of feeling it is more “cycling in the living room” . In contrast to the ergometer, an indoor cycle does not have a freewheel. Both machines work the lower extremities, but not the whole body. That is too one-sided for me. In addition, years ago I broke my tailbone very curiously and therefore cannot sit on such a device for so long – but that’s another story.

Much more interesting for me: the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER . In contrast to the classic crosstrainers , the motion sequence of an elliptical trainer is flat and long, which comes very close to jogging / running (I’m sure you can guess what’s coming …). The cross trainer focuses on an up and down movement, similar to classic steppers or climbing stairs. Not bad, but it can be done better!

The CROSSTRAINER is a full body trainer , so exactly what I’m looking for! It simultaneously trains legs, hips, arms, shoulders and chest in a single movement, i.e. a complete full-body workout including healthy endurance training. Endurance training on the crosstrainer also stimulates the cardiovascular system favorably and consumes around 600 calories per hour – if you can hold out for an hour. If you have knee or joint problems, physiotherapists recommend cross trainers.

The following effects can be achieved through a regular cross trainer workout:

  • Improving short, medium and long distance endurance
  • Training the cardiovascular system
  • Effective weight reduction
  • Lowering the body fat content
  • Body shaping and tissue tightening
  • Strengthening of all main muscle groups, especially the leg and gluteal muscles
  • Joint-friendly training after injuries
  • General well-being through the reduction of stress hormones
  • Feelings of happiness

Do I have to say more? My decision has been made – my training device for home will be a cross trainer!

Life40up! trainiert auf dem FINNLO by HAMMER Crosstrainer Tivon

The agony of choice and the decision

FINNLO by HAMMER crosstrainer Tivon

I already have experience with cross trainers. In my young girl’s room there is a 15 year old model. It’s bulky, it’s huge, and it creaks and groans while you exercise (almost like me). The distance between the pedals is more than shoulder width, so you always look a bit wide-legged during training – not optimal for the joints! In addition, the thing weighs tons and can hardly be moved from its place. Of course my new device shouldn’t be like that!

What can the Finnlo by Hammer Tivon crosstrainer do?

Not the most important feature, but a nice one: The Crosstrainer Tivon looks good! Black and white, slim, and somehow almost streamlined. I think a visually appealing design is not unimportant, because the device is in the apartment. The spouse – a passionate runner – was a bit grumpy at first: “Such a large device in the house, you don’t use it regularly anyway … and where should it be located?” The Tivon is now in our hallway on the 1st floor.

With the set-up dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 60 x 156 cm, it does not require nearly as much space as the ancient model in the young girl’s room. There are integrated transport rollers in the front stand, so that I simply lift the Tivon at the back and roll it to the side for cleaning. And now guess who is using the Tivon with growing enthusiasm on the weekend or in rainy weather? Correct. The spouse!



In contrast to my ancient crosstrainer, the crosstrainer Tivon has a particularly small pedal distance of just 16 centimeters. The feet stand hip-width apart on the three-way adjustable footplates, so that the training is particularly easy on the joints. Crosstrainers from HAMMER or FINNLO by HAMMER generally have smaller pedal distances than most standard cross trainers available on the market. The Tivon crosstrainer purrs quietly like a kitten during training. No loud creaking or squeaking disrupts the training.


This is how you train properly on the cross trainer

Before you start endurance training, please have your doctor examine you. It tells you how hard you can strain yourself with cardio training.

For me, training on the Tivon looks like this:

I wear functional clothing: a sports shirt, training pants and trainers. When the husband and son are out of the house in the morning, I turn on my favorite good-mood music. According to. Then I swing on the cross trainer and off I go. Since the crosstrainer Tivon is in our hallway, I can’t pass it unnoticed when I want to go downstairs in the morning. It’s like a reminder function for the alarm clock. You can see the cross trainer and are regularly reminded to work out. No more excuses.

When training on the Tivon, I look through the corridor window over the roofs of the houses on our street. I see the sun rise in the morning, pairs of pigeons sitting on the roofs and people with umbrellas rushing to work. In the meantime, I am cross-training in the dry with my favorite music and am increasingly in a good mood. Incidentally, the photos were taken in our living room, shortly before the renovation – not that you are surprised …

When the morning is hectic or I have away appointments, I train before lunch or in the afternoon. I am flexible, because the cross trainer is in the hallway in front of the office and I don’t have to leave the house to train my endurance. For me it saves a lot of time and I no longer have an excuse that it is raining or snowing too much to exercise outside. I love that. Very!




As a beginner in endurance training, I always start at a low intensity to get my body used to the training load. This warm-up takes about 5 minutes. Then I increase the intensity until I have reached my personal heart rate limit. As a beginner, you should start training for 20 to 30 minutes two to three days a week.

I only managed 5 minutes in the first training sessions. Yeah i know this is embarrassing. After three days I lasted 10 minutes and now I’ve been training for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. So you notice progress relatively quickly. After the training, I quickly jump into the shower and then I’m in a good mood in the home office to text and blog.

The training programs of the crosstrainer Tivon

The training computer with blue backlight LCD monitor is located between the handles. There are 12 different load profiles, everyone from beginners to professionals will find the right profile.



For me, as a re-entry into endurance training, it is particularly important that I train in the correct pulse range . With the Tivon crosstrainer, four pulse-controlled programs with adjustable upper and lower pulse limits ensure that you are in the correct pulse range for the entire duration of the training.

You can train at 65, 75 and 90 percent of your maximum heart rate, depending on your fitness goals. Great: As soon as you exceed or fall below the maximum heart rate, the intelligent system of the Tivon automatically regulates the resistance and reduces or increases the intensity. Click here for the heart rate calculator.

The practical quick start button takes you directly to the watt menu or the pulse program and can start training immediately. The pulse is measured either via the integrated hand pulse sensors. A chest strap is also available as an accessory available.

Of course I would also like to be informed about the result of my sweaty cross training. The display shows kilometers traveled, calories burned (haha!), The pulse , the training time , the current speed and the revolutions per minute. I can set the training intensity variably in 32 load levels.

A great feature for me as a little water drinker: the computer reminds me to drink regularly during training so that you don’t become dehydrated. The recovery program brings me back to the rest area after training.

The following accessories are available separately:

You can order the Finnlo by Hammer Tivon crosstrainer directly from HAMMER *, shipping is free. Anyone who, like me, is already desperate when assembling the furniture of a certain Swedish furniture store, can order the assembly service directly. My crosstrainer Tivon was delivered fully assembled on a wooden pallet. The man and I just had to carry him into the house and we could start. I like it that way!


I love my Finnlo by Hammer crosstrainer Tivon now very much, and I’m not saying that to do clumsy advertising here. So far I haven’t really been able to warm up to endurance training. Now I’m looking forward to training because it lifts my mood and is good for me. I don’t have to leave the house for this, I can train in any weather and I no longer gasp when climbing stairs.

If you consider how much money you spend on entertainment electronics, smartphones, tablets and the like, then I am happy to pay the price for a high-quality cross trainer like the Finnlo by Hammer cross trainer Tivon , because I invest in myself and mine Fitness, and it’s worth it to me!

What worked so well on the subject of endurance training should also work on the subject of strength training . HAMMER also offers high-quality equipment from the areas of strength, boxing and wellness.


Fitness equipment from HAMMER combines sporty functionality with design, the latest technology and the current zeitgeist. With over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality sports products, HAMMER, a traditional German company, sells premium fitness equipment in over 50 countries worldwide.

The product range includes more than 600 different items. In the development of the products, both device safety and training functionality are in the foreground. Internal and external quality and user tests guarantee the high quality standards of HAMMER fitness products.

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