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Fitness from 40 – Lose weight from 40 – Stay healthy from 40 – Fit40up! The new series on Life40up! Every Wednesday

I can already hear you mumbling “what the hell got into THE woman?” Very simple: I want to do more for my fitness and health . My condition is in the basement, my mobility is rusty, my blood pressure is too high and so is my body weight.

Every time I see myself in photos, I think: I’m not. I don’t see myself that way. I’m developing into a visually matronly-looking type of woman, and that’s not me. I want to be the way I see myself again: active, fit, sporty, cheerful. My body and my fitness should be in line with my self-image again. And I’ll have to do a lot for that. No, I am ready to do a lot for that! I will find the sport that suits me and I will find the diet that suits me. Not to conform to any ideals of beauty, but only for me, for the best possible ME!

Lose weight from 40 – others can do it too!

At Christmas I received a very special gift from my parents: a voucher for four weeks of trial training in a health-oriented fitness center. That was a little nod with the mallet, because they worry about my health. As a self-employed copywriter , online editor and blogger , I sit at my desk all day. Nothing with fitness from 40 .

My urge to move is currently limited to going to the coffee machine or to school when I pick up my son. Every now and then I find a little time for desk exercises, but that’s about it. The typical balancing act between work and leisure time and inner weaker self that prevents me from getting going.

So far I have lacked the decisive kick to start and a good plan on how I can integrate such a fitness and nutrition program into my everyday life. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Just start. And that’s my plan …

The 5 pillars of Fit40up!


1. Healthy nutrition

The son has lunch at school three days a week. On these days my sense of healthy eating fails particularly often. At lunchtime there is a ready-made pizza or a canned soup so that I can get back to my computer quickly. No time for extensive shopping and cooking, it all takes too long. I can no longer see these finished products. Sometimes I even feel a little disgusted, and I notice that this type of diet does not give me any energy and is not good for me. I want to change that.

Due to the lack of exercise, my basal metabolic rate when it comes to burning calories is very low. So how should that work with losing weight over 40 ? I am the type of person who needs a sense of achievement right at the beginning of a new program to stick with it. A kilo a week should be shedding at first, but I don’t want to do one-sided celebrities. For this reason, I decided to combine two nutritional programs at Fit40up!

The 2 day diet

Eat what you want for 5 days, stick to a diet for 2 days and lose weight at lightning speed

That is the full-bodied promise of this diet, which is actually a kind of partial fasting . So it fits perfectly that today is the Lent begins! Live 40 days more consciously! And this is how it works: On each of the two diet days you can eat a protein-rich meal reduced to 500 calories, on the remaining days of the week you eat “normally”. I use the weight loss program and the recipe book from Dr. Dr. Michael Desphehel (Amazon partner links):

The Glyx Diet

I would like to change my diet altogether and have decided on the nutritional concept Glyx-Diet according to Marion Grillparzer, in which mainly foods with a low glycemic index (Glyx) are consumed. In short: a low-carbohydrate yet balanced diet and not a real diet. I have owned some of the Glyx books for years and now and then I cook from them.

I’m starting with these two programs and I’m curious to see how I will like the 2-day diet . About the other 4 pillars of endurance , strength , agility and fun of my Fit40up! I will tell you more about the program from next Wednesday.

Take part in Fit40up!

Have you always been looking for excuses not to have to start with more sport , better nutrition and more personal responsibility for your own body? Then take part in Fit40up! Let’s start now together to change something. To change us. Until we like each other again. And I can promise you one thing: At first you won’t see any glossy photos of me in chic cropped sportswear, because I have problem areas. And I have bacon rolls. Just like other women from size 42. Getting rid of them won’t be a jagged one. But it shouldn’t be, because I want to make fitness and healthy nutrition an integral part of my life. And if I can do it, then you can too! Let’s get started!

Join Fit40up! and tell me about your experiences in the comment!


Fitness from 40 – lose weight from 40 – stay healthy 40 – The new main topics on Life40up! I will take you with me and share my actions, setbacks and successes on the way to a healthier life. And maybe I can motivate one or the other of you to do the same. Come with me. I’m happy!

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