# Fit40up Update – This is what I set out to do – I achieved this

After a two-week break in reporting, it is finally time for a new update on # Fit40up . If you now ask yourself: what is the current state of affairs? Has she given up? Throwing everything down? Is she sitting at home frustrated, the top button of her pants open and stuffing herself full of cake, chips and chocolate bars? Then you should read on now …

My goals with # Fit40up:


But what about the implementation in concrete terms? What went well, where is there still a problem, and what is currently pushing me to my limits? Here is an honest inventory:

What I’ve set out to do: HEALTHY EATING

Away from fast food & Co. and towards a balanced diet based on Glyx * with fewer carbohydrates. In addition, a partial fasting day twice a week using the 5: 2 method *. I finally want to fit into my favorite jeans that have been hibernating in my closet – for two years now.

Yeah, I know you should sort out the pieces that you didn’t wear last season, but since I’m not comfortable with my current dress size, the good piece just has to hold out until I’m ready. My ultimate goal: two dress sizes less, but through long-term diet changes and not through short-term star diets. (* Affiliate Links)

What I have achieved:

Easter set me back nutritionally. Cake with mom, a long weekend with evening restaurant visits, and a kilo that has been fasted away is back on your hips. In addition, the new rhythm with independence, family, diet change and fitness program still does not want to adjust itself as smoothly as I would like. Especially when family and job appointments turn into time-wasting monsters, then there is a problem with shopping and fresh cooking and that annoys me!

How much have I lost? I hardly like to say it, but a measly three kilos are only off. After all, I still have one size less, thanks to # Fit40up! My body responds very quickly to physical activity, but if I eat a low-calorie diet it immediately switches on its emergency program in a panic, which means: cling to every pound! In real times of need, this mechanism is certainly justified in order to protect the body from rapid weight loss and illness, but if you want to lose weight voluntarily, it is of course annoying when the weight arrests. I find it much harder to lose weight now than it was a few years ago.

The only thing that helps here is grit your teeth and keep going undeterred. Let’s see who throws in the towel first and picks up the bag of chips. Not me, my dear body, not me! And so that I can finally move forward with losing weight, I’ll try something new this week: lose weight from 40 with Kukimi . I will of course report as soon as possible …

What I have planned: ENDURANCE

Finally upstairs and downstairs or running with your son without panting, that would be nice. I also want to lower my blood pressure through regular endurance training.

What I have achieved:

Since, as is well known, I do not like regular running training, a cross trainer was allowed to move in with us. I still love him dearly and I listen to my favorite music when I train indoors. Some people fall straight out of bed and then into their running shoes, I prefer to do sports in the afternoon or early evening, in the morning I somehow lack the leisure. So I stay flexible with the daily training times, but try to do something for my endurance every day.

And it’s still fun! When the weather is nice, I take my son to school either on foot or by scooter in the morning and pick him up again in the afternoon. It’s fun for both of us and I get the circulation going even before breakfast. And now the best comes: I don’t pant anymore! I didn’t expect an improvement in endurance that quickly, but the success spurs me on and makes me want to face greater challenges.

For even more motivation and to monitor my training results, I am currently testing the Fitbit Charge HR activity tracker (affiliate link). Whether such a fitness tracker is really worth the money and whether it helps me to achieve my fitness goals, I’ll tell you in detail in a separate review. Only this much can be revealed in advance: o /

life40up update fit & gesund

What I’ve set out to do: POWER

By strength, I mean strength training. From around the age of 30, muscle breakdown increases due to the changing hormone level, and I want to counteract it. And not just because I want arm muscles like Madonna by the summer, but because strength training tones the entire body. Those who have more muscle mass look leaner and at the same time can eat more without gaining weight.

What I have achieved:

My arms don’t look nearly like Madonna’s, but I could at least wave to her with my little waving arms. A fitness trainer friend told me that stagnant weight can also have something to do with increasing muscle mass. That would explain why, with only three kilos of weight loss, I am now wearing one size less. I can live with that.

I do strength training with my own body weight, but still too little, because I don’t particularly enjoy this type of training. I want to work more with weights instead. However, here in the living room at home I don’t have control over whether I’m doing the exercises correctly. The risk of developing posture errors is great with home training.

First of all, I need a professional who can guide and correct me so that I can continue to train properly at home. Although I’m not a fan of sweat-smelly gyms, I’ll probably go there soon to show me how to properly use dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Should a fitness trainer be found in the Cologne / Bonn area – I would be available for a test training. 😉

What I’ve set out to do: MOBILITY

Yoga is the key! Nothing makes me more flexible, both physically and mentally.

What I have achieved:

Wednesday is yoga day! I love yoga – this mixture of exertion, body control, concentration and meditative relaxation is simply wonderful and I am very happy to finally be able to train regularly again. In the meantime, I can keep up with Hatha Yoga quite well, but there is still a lot of scope in terms of mobility. I stay tuned.

Maybe I should set myself a new goal here. I’ve always wanted to be able to do the balancing act and will now research on YouTube how I can best do it. You will then of course receive the evidence photos here (I must be insane). Please write good tips in the comments!

What I have planned: FUN

Since I see # Fit40up as a long-term program, having fun is essential. Nothing is worse than having to drag yourself listlessly to training just because you HAVE to. I WANT to train – and that is only possible if the fun is not neglected.

What I have achieved:

I enjoy a variety of training sessions, which is why I will always try out new (trend) sports, try out new fitness gadgets and the best nutrition tips test for more fitness & health . If you have a suggestion, let me know, I’m open to suggestions!

What I did not expect: the sometimes very emotional, but also critical voices. The subject of fitness, weight loss and health seems to be an emotionally charged topic for many people. What I found particularly nice were the supportive comments I got about # Fit40up . Many of you have already had experience with the topics I am addressing, and accordingly I have learned a lot from your tips. The sometimes very personal comments moved me and encouraged me to continue and stick with it. That helped me a lot to persevere when my motivation went down. I would like to thank you all very much for this!

And then there were the not so nice comments. Phrases like “shit self-optimization”, “diet mania”, “you didn’t need that” or “couldn’t age gracefully” flew like balls through the air and I had to juggle with them. I won’t do that anymore in the future. I will not justify myself for doing something for myself and my body. Nobody can decide for me whether I need something or not. Only I can do that because it is my body, it is my health, and it is my life, and I am responsible for that.

I leave it up to my readers what they take away from # Fit40up and what not. I don’t want to proselytize, I want to inspire, motivate, and maybe even encourage one or the other of you to do a little more for yourself and just start doing it – no matter what others think about it.

With that in mind: Let the games go on!

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