Campaign “Fit makes you strong” – Fit for spring and strong for everyday life

At the moment I am constantly in a slightly euphoric state. This is due to my Fit40up! Program, which I have already told you about a lot. So it’s no wonder that I happily jump on slogans like Fit makes you strong – Fit for spring and strong for everyday life , because that’s exactly what I want to be: fit and strong! And while I’m so good at it and in swing …

So what does this promotion entail? I know from my own experience that there are many excuses that prevent you from finally doing something for your fitness. “No time”, “Stress at work”, “I’ve just caught a cold”, “I don’t like gyms and they’re too expensive” … always the same thing when it comes to defeating your inner weaker self and just not starting – because if I start and then fail, then my motivation is in the basement.

What helps me: I’m moving some workouts home. I train my stamina on the cross trainer, I do yoga once a week in the studio and otherwise with a yoga DVD, but I still haven’t had a suitable training for more strength. Preferably, of course, one where I can train myself fit and strong for everyday life at home in my living room. And Voilá – here we go!


Together with the German fitness experts FIT TRIO, the lifestyle platform Groupon has under the motto ” Fit makes you strong “three free workout tutorials that are guaranteed to leave no room for excuses. The focus here is not on training yourself slim, but on feeling good in your skin. Because: as inside, so outside. Inner strength also creates outer strength!

What I like about the concept of the workout tutorials: They were developed by two very personable blogger colleagues, the fitness experts Lou and Jan from FIT TRIO. The workout tutorials are wonderfully calm: no high-gloss lifestyle backdrop, but a scene like from an average German living room, and that’s where the workout is supposed to take place!

The most important thing is to enjoy the sport. This is the only way to be able to stay physically active in the long run ”(fitness blogger Lou)

Each of the three workouts presented by Lou and Jan takes about ten minutes and has its own training focus: Workout # 1 shows special exercises for legs and buttocks, Workout # 2 shows exercises for the stomach and back and Workout # 3 ensures strong arms and shoulders. And if you see Lou in the video, you know: The woman has arms like Madonna, and who doesn’t want that? I do!

The “Fit makes you strong” workouts in the self-test

Workout # 1 legs & buttocks

Lou and Jan show 4 exercises that have it all: lunges, diagonal lunges (level of difficulty: medium), squat push-ups (squat squat; level of difficulty: high) and sumo squats, in German: sumo squats (Degree of difficulty: high!). There should be 3 rounds of 30 seconds per exercise.

I look at the workout once and then don’t go. Why? Quite simply: I’m back in the sport, and squats are one of the most error-prone exercises of all. If your intervertebral discs are important to you, you should make sure to always keep your back in the slightly hollow back position. I know that and it is briefly mentioned in the video, but for beginners it carries the risk of spinal disc injuries.

You also have to be very careful with the knee position. If the knees protrude very far above the tips of the feet during the exercise, there is excessive strain on the knee. Anyone who does yoga knows it for sure. The knees should therefore be at the same height as the tips of the feet in order to avoid incorrect loading. This is not so easy to control for a beginner without a mirror or a training partner.

Let’s see what the second video has to offer …

Workout # 2 abs & back

Aktion „Fit macht Stark“ – Fit für den Frühling und stark für den Alltag



This is where Bridge , Superman , Beintwist and Crunch go down. 3 rounds, 4 exercises of 30 seconds each. Everyone has the equipment at home: a towel and two water bottles.

Hahaaa! I can do the bridge until I decline, because this exercise is part of my daily yoga training. I can also do the Superman back exercise – thanks to yoga! You shouldn’t underestimate your own weight and gravity, it looks lighter than it is. I’m currently flying the Superman at half height, there is still room for improvement.

When I leg twist , I first blush and then scold myself a little because it’s so exhausting. So please don’t hold your breath during this exercise, otherwise you’ll feel the same way! But my stomach and hips benefit from this exercise, and since I have plenty of both, I guess I’ll have to go through it.

crunches are a classic among the abdominal exercises and therefore pretty mean. For me, crunches are pure torture, and I always have to be careful not to tense my neck. But I hold on – all 3 rounds. Well, the leg twist looks a bit wobbly at the end, but what the heck. Hurray, great exercises!

Workout # 3 arms & shoulders

Aktion „Fit macht Stark“ – Fit für den Frühling und stark für den Alltag


I’ve been waiting for this workout. Arms like Madonna by summer. So my plan (who’s laughing?). This time Jan does gymnastics instead of Lou, but that shouldn’t irritate me any further. Here we go. 2 large water bottles and a sports mat, that’s all you need for strong arms.

It starts with one of my fear exercises: push-ups . Thank goodness Jan performs the moderate version on his knees, and I even manage the first round. For the biceps curl , I use the good water that Madonna rinses her hair with, so I feel much closer to my goal. * cough * If done correctly, this exercise is one of the most effective for the anterior deltoid, and due to the simple movement it is also suitable for fitness beginners and those returning to the gym like me.

Finally, let’s talk about the dips , and by that I don’t mean herbal quark and Co. The dips are among the basic exercises in bodybuilding and have a high training effect on the triceps, the pectoralis major and the front part of the deltoid muscle in the shoulder area. Nobody hears my moaning in the living room at home, so I let my muscles tremble and practice my dips on the sofa.

After going through two, my arms are shaking and I don’t know how to type my blog post with the expected sore muscles. Who cares, if you want beautiful arms, you have to suffer – even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. Jan also blows a lot to himself in passage 3, that calms me down. After round three I swap the dip position am sofa against the resting position on the sofa.

It is expressly pointed out that not all exercises and offers offered in the course of Groupon’s “Fit makes you strong” campaign are suitable for everyone. If in doubt, a doctor should be consulted before starting physical activity. The exercises are not a substitute for a medical examination or treatment. Possible restrictions due to chronic or acute illnesses or for women during and after pregnancy must be observed.



After the three workouts, I was done, but it was entertaining and quite fun. Thirty minutes that make you fit and strong – you can always add that in between. At the beginning of the videos, I would like a clearer hint about warming up before starting the exercise, because such a cold start makes you prone to injuries.

Especially important for beginners: clear tips on which bad postures you should absolutely avoid during the respective exercise. I would also like these hints at the beginning of each exercise, and not just in the middle. Otherwise, the workouts are fun. They are entertaining, the trainers are personable and the whole thing is free. What more do you want?

Small feedback to Jan and Lou: Yes, I notice a lot the next day and I think of you 😉

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